Living in Triumph Book 3D

Turn Your Struggles and Difficulties into a Life of Victory!

Move past your pain to become the person you were destined to be!

Sometimes life gets the best of us.

You get knocked down, and, at least for a moment, you ask the question, “Do I really want to get back up?” Yes, you do!

Maybe your struggles and setbacks seem insurmountable – but they are not. In fact, the things in life that were meant to derail you and knock you off course may indeed be the stepping stones that lead to your most significant achievement, your highest satisfaction, and your greatest joy.

This book will not just provide you with that needed measure of inspiration and motivation to press through, it will give you practical, doable steps to throwing off the dead weight of bad circumstances and become the person you look up to – the person you were meant to be – the person who doesn’t just survive but THRIVES!

Topics Covered in The Book

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“For any person that has struggled with life, this book will help you find practical steps, with God’s help to overcome the difficulties that life can throw your way.”

Coach Mark Richt,
2023 College Football Hall of Fame Inductee,
Former University of Georgia/ University of Miami Head Coach


“God has a plan for our lives to give us hope and a future. My friend Wendell has experienced God’s love firsthand and he genuinely desires to see the goodness of God be victorious in your life.”

Sonny Sandoval, Lead Singer P.O.D.,
Co-founder of the Whosoevers,
Founder/President of the Youth of a Nation Foundation


“I know that with God’s help triumph is possible. I hope this book will be helpful for you to overcome whatever you struggle with in your life.”

Darryl Strawberry,
4-Time World Series Champion


About the AuthorWendell Brown

A former 82nd Airborne Division soldier and winning high school basketball coach, Wendell Brown has overcome drug addiction, been robbed at gunpoint, and survived a car accident that should have taken his life. He is the founder of Tragedy Into Triumph, a nationwide program to help people find hope for their lives and overcome the struggles of life since 2009. He also hosts the Tragedy Into Triumph podcast. Wendell has provided practical, motivational counsel to thousands of people who have struggled with tragedy. Wendell and his wife Tammi have four children.

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